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Now offering limited open studio memberships to clay artists who prefer to work independently. Your membership includes studio access 7 days a week. We have pottery wheels, a large slab roller, two kilns, plenty of work tables, clay tools and an assortment of commercial glazes for use. Members also have dedicated shelf space to store their things. ​ Studio membership is $180/month. That breaks down to about $6 a day! Contact us to reserve your membership!


More Details

Open studio is available for those comfortable working independently and appropriately in the pottery studio.  Generally, we bisque fire to cone 04 and glaze fire to cone 6. As we are a small business, we are unable to accommodate most 'production potters'. If you have questions about this, just reach out! I'm happy to discuss your unique situation and see if we can make it happen!


Picture This!

Maybe you grab a cuppa joe on the way into the studio, and spend time working as the birds are waking up and the day is young. Maybe you're more of a 'pop in during lunch' type of artist, or, perhaps after work and your daily responsibilities are done, you unwind in the shop by throwing a few mugs on the wheel. Whatever your style, you'll find our studio welcoming and a place you'll want to come to often! 

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